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Few stones are as iconic to the Women of the American West than turquoise... It is a representation of strength, natural beauty and determination. It is a symbol of the American Cowgirl; the women of the west who ride horses, work cattle, tend to the animals, prepare home cooked meals and raise the next generation of cowboys and cowgirls. 

My Great Grandmother was a woman of the west, a woman born and raised in Cody, Wyoming where she learned what it meant to raise cattle. After marrying, she moved to Texas where she continued to use her knowledge of cattle ranching to help run their family cattle ranch, which she did well into her 70’s after her husband passed away.

My first pair of turquoise earrings were a heirloom passed down to me from my great grandmother. When these earrings found their way into my hands, my interests did not yet include spending my days horseback gathering horses in rural Colorado. Yet, I felt a strong connection with those earrings that I still feel today. I think my Grandma Edna would be proud of the strong woman I have become. I especially know she would have loved the man I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with, the man who shows me real cowboys still exist.  

These turquoise earrings are the inspiration that started Blue Roan Turquoise. They were my first connection to the wild west and will remain my favorite pair of earrings in my jewelry box until I too will pass them down to my daughter one day. 


Photo by: Jasmine Mallo Imagery

About the Owner

My name is Michaela and I am the owner of Blue Roan Turquoise! In addition to owning this business I am a wife to the most kind and humble man and the mom to the most amazing little girl!

This life that Ken and I have built is full of joy, laughs, smiles and tears. From feeding horses, gathering them off winter pasture, sorting them or sitting in the shoeing shed, no one day is ever the same. Every night, I lay into bed thinking to myself how blessed I am to love the life I wake up to everyday. I get to marry a man who loves his horses almost as much as me, whose hands are dirty and calloused from working with them all day, and who leads me into adventure. How blessed I am to be the mother of his kids, and for our kids to be able to grow up beside us in this wonderful lifestyle.

Ken has introduced me to this lifestyle that I thought no longer existed, the men and women that are the last of a dying breed; those who work daily to preserve the legacy of the American West and the true meaning of what it means to be a cowboy.

I look forward to being able to teach our daughter the meaning of hard work, the responsibility of caring for her animals, the importance of respect, honesty and staying true to your word. I am excited to be able to share with her the knowledge of food preserving and gardening that has been passed down. I am looking forward to showing her and teaching her all that the western lifestyle has to offer. I am excited for her to join Ken and I in this wild adventure we get to call life!

The Story Behind Blue Roan Turquoise

About The Brand

Blue Roan Turquoise exists today because of the continual support and encouragement from my husband, Ken. Watt, one of his saddle horses, was my inspiration for naming my business. Watt is a Blue Roan who is part of Ken's string and who is in all of the photos I have of Ken cowboyin'. Watt allows Ken to do what he loves, something that is obvious when you see him working. In addition to being a reliable teammate to Ken, Watt also keeps Ken safe while they are working, something I am forever grateful for. 

Photo by: Tafra D Photography


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